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Where has all the Courage Gone? Part Two

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A lot of confusion- and downright irrationalism- has swept back into he bodybuilding the past few years, and it seems to have done so largely unchallenged. When on occasion, a challenge is made to those who say "everything works for everybody", or 'training to failure only works for some, the stimulus is different for different people" The response is usually something on the order of HIT advocates are narrow minded, close minded or worse. Notice that there is never an alternate theory proposed- and supported- because there is none. There is and can be only one valid theory of anything, and that theory just happens to be theory of High Intensity Training. It isn't that we how advocate HIT have some sort of weird emotional investment in the theory- it's that the theory is the most accurate (not perfect) description of reality, as it applies to bodybuilding.

The intellectual sophistry that some individuals engage in to attempt to attack the theory of High Intensity Training is nothing more than staggering! Most of these individuals seem to have sort of emotional investment in "proving' the theory of HIT wrong. If it was/is wrong, so be it, but here comes the major problem these pseudo-theorists present- they HAVE NO alternate theory to propose to replace it! - That's right - none!

A hodgepodge of false assumptions, unwarranted conclusions, and unintegrated intellectual debris is NOT a theory.

A theory is a description of reality. As such it is only as valid as the data- facts used to support it, the mental integrations and concepts formed to integrate and unify the facts into a valid theory.

Thus it isn't that the proponents of other training approaches have no facts at their disposal, it is that they are literally disintegrated- i.e. not integrated in a proper conceptual framework- a theory.

In practical terms this means that their approach cannot serves a reliable guide to human action since their description of reality is not integrated- it is disintegrated- or fragmented, the structure, if any, that they can provide and guidance will be, at best, hit and miss. Very Scientific!

A bodybuilder or any other serious trainee would be much better off with a valid and reliable guide to human action, based on the facts, and conceptually integrated in a valid theoretical approach which can then be applied with 100% consistency. That's right, 100 % consistency. Why, because no guesswork is involved now. Of course, one may try different applications of the theory and adjust variables- but not out of context of what the theory predicts

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Copyright 2005 James Vandervest