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Introduction to Cardiovascular Fitness.

The patterns of modern living have resulted in an increasingly sedentary existence for many Americans. The statistics regarding heart disease are of near epidemic proportion. One out of every two Americans will develop heart disease. Over 500,000 Americans will die in 2004 from their first symptom of heart disease, the cardiac arrest.

The average American is now considered obese by many of the newer charts and the average teenager is in worse shape than those of 30 years ago. Even with the prevalence of fitness books and articles in womens-And mens- magazines as well as an increased presence of fitness in movie stars, the average American remains ill-or uniformed, overweight and out of shape.

The human body is designed and built for movement and physiologically, humans have not adapted well to the reduced level of activity. Since evolution may take thousands of years or longer to possibly give humans a more favorable set of adaptation responses- if it happens at all, another strategy- a volitional strategy must be found. This is because man is a creature of volitional effort and it now is a strong possibility that the evolution of human beings is a now largely a volitional phenomena.

Since regular exercise is necessary to develop and maintain optimal health, physical performance and appearance. A P properly conducted exercise program can increase and individual's physical work capacity, enhance the functional ability of the heart and lungs, and increase circulation among other cardiovascular benefits. (Resistance training can add other benefits into the equation).

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