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Where has all the courage gone?

If you, like me, have been around the iron game for any length of time and particularly the HIT circle, you may vividly remember the excitement and energy of a few years back when HIT- Heavy Duty was taking on the the more traditional, commercial bound interests- and winning. Every day it seemed there were more trainees giving up the old fashioned, antiquated, mystical, "instinctive" approaches for a more rational, logical approach to weight training: HIT- High Intensity Training.

There was Mike Mentzer openly challenging the bodybuilding orthodoxy and receiving, little in the response in the way of rational argument. Oh sure, a few "exercise scientists-" with their own vested interests to plug, wrote a few obtuse articles in the muscle mags- that hardly anyone could follow- as they were so rife with contradictions, illogic and outright lies that it was hard to see any cold hard truth to what they were saying.

There was also Brian Johnson of The IART who was working closely with Mentzer, echoing him to a T, and winning converts to high intensity, low volume training.

There were Doug McGuff and Richard Winnett writing scientifically based articles that further illuminated, informed, and convinced more people to try HIT training. All of this was on the heels of Dorian Yates multiple MR Olympia wins, which got everyone excited and wanting to try HIT.

Fast forward 5 years or so- and there simply isn't that level of excitement, enthusisam, passion, not to mention strong and rational presention and argumentation for HIT. WHY?

In part two of this series I will examine this further, and delve deeper into the conflict between "volume" training and HIT.

Copyright 2004 James Vandervest