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Greatbodies Fitness  was started and is operated by James Vandervest, MEd,  IFBB competitive bodybuilder
James recently took 3rd in the NPC Masters Nationals and 4th at the IFBB North America in 2010

North American Championships 2013
Onstage at a ripped 240 lbs!

2010 Masters Nationals
3rd Over 50- Superheavyweights Winner


Individualized Personal Training  and Fitness Consulting at reasonable rates.
Also offering couples and groups at discounted rates. Greatbodies Fitness offers in-home, at the gym  and online personal training for those outside our service area or simply for those who want to take advantage of this reasonably priced alternative.
See the Personal Training page for rates and information.
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Most Muscular
2009 Masters Nationals Superheavyweights


NEW! I am now now writing for the Examiner as their new Omaha Health and Fitness Examiner! Here is one of my articles.

Second article. First in series on the Phoenix bodybuilding scene.

TRI-Level  Training is a  type of training  that I implement in my own training with the results as shown in these photos. I also implement it in working with my clients, adapting it to THEIR level of ability and current fitness. As my clients progress, I adapt the system  to fit their needs. Tri level training is a training system that takes into account individual recovery ability and needs, and is able to make individual exercise prescriptions.

                       2006 NPC Border States
         Winner Unlimited Superheavyweights

A recent article in Flex magazine dicussed research undertaken by the Austalian institute of sports which compared training to failure versus sub failure training, and also multiple sets to failure versus one set to faiure. Guess what group had the best results??
The one set to failure group with a 10% strength increase versus the subfailure group at 5%. Performing 2- 4 sets to failure didn't improve results., they DECREASED them, coming in at 6%. Sound familiar?
This link only has the preleminary information, the studies are talked about more in the magazine article. As much as I haven't been much of a fan of Flex in a long time, it was a well written, logical and practical article.


Here's one from a highly respected scientific journal. You'll need adobe acrobat for this one.

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Curling 200 lbs during a HIT workout, August 2005



Above Winner Superheavyweight class Venice Beach Invitational 2006


Above: Excalibur Masters And Superheavyweights Dec 2005

Below: OC Muscle Classic April 2005

-- note the improved thickness and muscle mass in less than 8 months!


James Vandervest onstage at the 2005 OC Muscle Classic

Photos by Bill Comstock and Nga Azarian




      Gain muscular  strength

      Increase muscular  endurance

      Improve cardiovascular conditioning

      Increase flexibility

      Improve bone and tendon strength

      Maintain and improve bone density

      Develop a positive mental outlook and emotional  health.

With James Vandervest

Photos by Bil Comstock and Nga Azarian

James Vandervest has been certified by 3 different certification organizations as personal trainer. He is also a competitive Master's Level Bodybuilder in the NPC with several wins and top 5 placings. In addition, he has worked out under the supervision bodybuilding legend Mike Mentzer, and been quoted on his website.
  My Tri level Training system is based on scientific principles of exercise physiology and logic and James Vandervest's extensive experience in the fields of bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition.

Personal Training

Personal Training and Consultations

The TRI- Level Training System will work for YOU:

The TRI-Level Training System
This approach to Total Fitness addresses and improves muscular  strength and endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, bone and tendon strength, bone density, and postive mental outlook and emotional  health. Only a properly conducted and supervised resistance training program can accomplish this. Not Pilates, not yoga, not group dancing nor jogging can improve ALL of the above.

Above: Excalibur Dec 2005

  • How excessive training is slowing down your progress
  • The importance of working to the "point of failure"
  • Three ways to raise the intensity level of your workouts
  • Why added low-intensity sets are counterproductive
  • Four simple techniques for maximum muscle stimulation
  • Why a six-day split routine does not provide ample rest
  • How to push past mental and physical plateaus

TRI-Level Training

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